Be Prepared for the Great Wealth Transfer

Over the next 30 years, $38.8 trillion will be inherited in the UK, US and Europe, triggering the greatest transfer of wealth in history.  

This historic event, dubbed as the ‘Great Wealth Transfer’, will see funds cascade from the Baby  Boomer generation to Millennials and Generation X’s, with  £5.5 trillion  being  transferred in the UK alone.  



Engage with the Next Generation of Clients

The Great Wealth Transfer poses significant risk to businesses with regards to portfolio loss, as funds begin cascading between generations. But it also creates a substantial opportunity to identify future beneficiaries and engage with the next generation, your future clients.

Estgro enables you to protect against the risks and maximise the opportunities that this historic event presents. It does this by helping you identify the next generation of clients, retaining funds under management, facilitating conversations with potential beneficiaries, their wider family and beyond.



Offer Holistic Financial Wellbeing Advice

Traditionally estate planning has been an emotional, expensive and complicated process. Meaning people just don’t do it. Research shows that over 60% of adults don’t have an estate plan in place, leaving their wealth, wishes and loved ones unprotected in the event of their death.

There’s a great opportunity to broaden your client conversations and enrich your relationships by bringing estate planning into your discussions. Helping your clients to maximise the value of the legacies they leave behind.

Take Advantage of the Inheritance Economy and Grow Your Business

With an ageing population and rising levels of wealth, we are set to see a substantial growth in the number of inheritances and financial gifts taking place each year. Offering estate planning services to your clients could create a substantial revenue stream for your business.

Estgro bridges the gap between financial and legal services and enables you to offer expert estate planning services to your clients as easily as sending them a link. There’s no training or expertise require and with access to a network of trusted accredited partners you can have peace of mind that your clients are in the very best hands.

Unlock the Benefits of Estate Planning Today

Enrich your Client Relationships

Build your Future Client List

Control the Client Journey