Be prepared for the Great Wealth Transfer

1.17 Billion people will die between 2020 and 2060, triggering the greatest transfer of wealth in history. This historic event will see funds cascade from the Baby Boomer generation to Millennials and Generation X’s both pre and post death. Trillion of pounds will be inherited in the UK, US and EU with £5.5 Trillion being transferred in the UK alone. This will create a substantial challenge for businesses surrounding portfolio loss and client retention but also a significant opportunity to engage with the next generation and be ahead of the Great Wealth Transfer.

Take advantage of the inheritance economy and enhance your client offering

Research shows that over 60% of adults don’t have an estate plan. Traditionally estate planning has been expensive, complicated and inefficient, Estgro makes it simple. Bringing together legal and financial services into one ecosystem, Estgro enables effective estate planning with an advisor needing no prior knowledge in this area, ensuring control of the process and visibility of the status of each estate plan.

Protect your portfolio and make client centric decisions

Being aware today of what will happen tomorrow, puts Estgro clients in a strong position to identify the next generation of clients and retain funds under management, facilitating conversations with potential beneficiaries, their wider family and beyond. 

The wealth of data generated through the Estgro process will enable you to make data driven, fully informed, client centric decisions. Estgro will provide exclusive access to data and intelligence surrounding client’s families, assets and beneficiaries.

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