The inspiration behind Estgro

Over the next 30 years, over £5.5 trillion will be inherited in the UK. £1.2 trillion will be inherited by Millennials alone. This historic amount of money has been coined as ‘The Great Wealth Transfer’ by journalists. 

Wealth is now a family subject.

Understanding the family dynamic and who is set to inherit will help Financial Advisors prepare and educate the next generation about wealth management. 

Traditionally estate planning has been admin heavy, inefficient and not an integrated part of financial wellbeing conversations.

Estgro makes it simple, enabling advisors to help their clients manage their estate, empowering them to provide superior estate planning support, as easily as sending their clients a link. 

Estate planning, simplified

Estgro empowers users to deliver high quality, end-to-end estate planning services through easy-to-use, fully transparent software. Helping advisors understand the wider wealth picture, prepare beneficiaries for tomorrow and deliver an estate plan through a qualified, accredited partner. 

The nature of the product means that it also helps reveal other areas that could impact your client’s financial wellbeing, such as the need for pension or insurance advice. Services which can be delivered in-house or referred to a trusted provider. 

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