Estate planning, transformed

Estgro will enable you to offer clients an automated assessment of their estate with a recommended estate plan to best protect and maximise their financial wellbeing and that of their loved ones.

From expert advice to the delivery of a Will, the software supports clients as they navigate inheritance tax and build financial plans for their family through a trusted, accredited partner.   

At the same time, it enables you to better understand your client’s family dynamic and help prepare and educate the next generation of investors. 

How it works:



Take clients through the estate planning health check either in person or by simply sending them a link to complete it in their own time.​



The system then produces an estate plan report, personalised to them with actions required to prepare their own estate plan in a clear and easy to understand way. 



Once clients have a completed estate plan, there’s help with understanding the recommendations given through a series of explainer videos and commentary. This will mean that you and your clients are clear on all of the suggestions made. 



Clients can then complete their estate plan with an accredited service provider who will help create their wills, lasting power of attorneys and any other required documents.  

We understand how important your clients are to you and we ensure that they are only referred to accredited, trusted and expert service providers.

Complete transparency and control

The Advisor dashboard

Advisors will have full transparency through their own dashboard to be able to track clients’ progress, be notified when key actions are complete and keep in touch with clients.​  

You can also see where recommendations have been made for further services such as mortgage or insurance advice which you can either deliver yourself or refer on via the Estgro Ecosystem.​  

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