Estate Planning. Simplified.

Estgro enables you to offer estate planning services to your client’s with no training or expertise required.

The platform provides your clients with a comprehensive assessment of their estate. It produces a personalised report recommending actions they should take to maximise the value of the legacies they leave behind.

Estgro digitally connects your clients with a network of trusted estate planning experts, chosen by you, to complete their estate plan. You can access valuable estate and family data collected through this process enabling you to understand how your client’s wealth will transfer between generations and connect with future clients.

The Client Journey


The Estate Health Check

The Estate Health Check, takes no more than 5 minutes to complete and is a personalised assessment of your clients’ estate. It will ask questions around relationships, family, property and finances which will enable a personalised Estate Report to be produced.


Personalised Estate Report

The comprehensive Estate Report will provide your clients with bespoke recommendations on actions they should consider taking. This will ensure that the things that matter to them are preserved for their loved ones and that their personal wealth and welfare are protected.


Support and Information

Estate planning can be an emotional and complicated process, we’ve created a series of explainer videos and commentary to help your clients understand the recommendations that have been made to them and make the process of completing their estate plan as easy as possible.


Working with their Team

Clients will then be introduced to their advisory team – a team of specialists selected by you from the Estgro network of trusted, accredited partners.

Clients can then begin working with their advisory team to put any relevant policies or documents in place to ensure their estate is maximised and protected. This is a fully digital, end-to-end process where they can liaise with partners and securely share and approve documents via the Client Hub.

Control the Client Journey

You can rest assured that your clients are being taken care of by trusted, accredited, estate planning partners who have been carefully selected to be part of the Estgro ecosystem. You will have the ability to select the team of partners you wish to work with your clients and will be able to retain leads for any services you wish to deliver yourself.

The Client Hub is fully customisable allowing you to add your logo, brand colours and personalise email templates. You will have full visibility of the client journey and the opportunity to communicate with partners and clients via the platform.

Unlock the Benefits of Estate Planning Today

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Control the Client Journey