Generational Wealth Planning, Simplified.

Estgro empowers advisors to safeguard their portfolios, connect with future beneficiaries, and develop robust, data-driven intergenerational wealth transfer and investment plans.


How it Works

  • Data

    Enrich your existing data and gain a comprehensive understanding of your client’s estate including future beneficiaries and how assets will be distributed.

  • Insight

    Through the Estgro planning tools, personalised insights will be generated to inform your generational wealth transfer and investment strategies. 

  • Plan

    Digitally connect clients with trusted legal providers, or your own partners, to implement an estate plan that preserves wealth for future generations.

Safeguard your Portfolio

As wealth transfers between generations, it’s crucial to safeguard funds under management and protect your portfolio.

  • Lead the conversation around intergenerational wealth
  • Engage pre-death with future beneficiaries, fostering a seamless transition
  • Position yourself as the go-to advisor for the wider family, ensuring long term engagement and loyalty

Provide Data Driven Advice

Provide data driven, comprehensive advice on intergenerational wealth transfer and investment strategies.

  • Leverage unique data generated by the Estgro planning tools to inform financial planning and investment decisions
  • Give personalised recommendations to protect and maximise your clients wealth
  • Alert clients to inheritance tax risks and offer solutions

Protect Yourself and your Clients

Help protect and maximise the legacies your clients leave behind with fully holistic financial advice.

  • Fulfill your Consumer Duty obligations with trackable, comprehensive advice
  • Deliver great client outcomes that protect wealth for future generations
  • Help families grow and preserve transferred wealth

Why Estgro?

Over 30 years' experience of developing generational wealth solutions

Established network of trusted legal providers

Our team have over 50 years' experience in generational planning technology

Trusted by 2,000 advisors worldwide

Over 7 million Wills created using our software

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